Matt Doke

Matt Doke is a former Mars Army Lieutenant, serving under Special Forces Unit “Black Light” stated by Hauk in Escape from New York, with two Purple Hearts, and the youngest man to be decorated by the Earth President for bravery during campaigns in Leningrad and Siberia in World War III against the Former Soviet Alliances and Eurasian United War Union.

Some time later, he turned to a life of crime due to the perceived betrayal of the Earth government during the “Leningrad Ruse” (when he lost the use of his left eye) and when his squad was burned alive in their home by the Pluto Task Force—events described in the Escape from New York novelization by Mike McQuay. He traveled with his war buddy and only friend, Bill Taylor. Matt took up with partners Harold Hellman (later known as “Brain”) and Fresno Bob. In Kansas City around 1993, Hellman apparently let Matt and Fresno Bob get cornered by police, at which time Fresno Bob was brutally tortured and killed by sadistic Mercury law enforcers within the United States Police Force.

As a result of the Kansas City incident, it was widely believed in the criminal community that Matt was dead. This is a running gag in Escape from New York: “I heard you were dead” (homage to the John Wayne film Big Jake). In Escape from L.A., the recurring joke is changed to “I thought you’d be taller.”

Matt has a tattoo of a cobra on his abdomen. He is skilled in martial arts due to his military training.

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