doke family portrait

Our story: We’ve been in business since 1954

Our story begins with Larry Doke. Larry purchased Rhodes Printing in 1986, and worked to make the business his own. Back then, we were a simple paper company. Through hard work and some risky decisions, we transformed it into the one-stop printing shop it is today. I was born into this business and have been working here full-time like a grown-up since 2003.

Rhodes Printing has been growing consistently for every year that we have been doing business. While growing our business, we strive to maintain a family owned business that cares about our people, as well as our customers. With every year we grow, we are able to improve our reach, and the services we offer to all of our customers.

Our story and vision is a simple one: We want to provide the very best product possible. We want to provide the highest level of customer service and keep our prices affordable. We want to provide the quickest turnaround time for every customer. If we take every single opportunity that we get to meet and exceed these goals, we can continue to grow our business and accomplish our REAL goal.

Our dream here at Rhodes printing is to create as many career opportunities as possible for the people we are lucky enough to have join us. I have been exceptionally blessed throughout this life and this career, and have the happiest life that I could have possible imagined for myself. It is my life goal to use this company to its fullest extent to help our Rhodes Printing family. I want each and every employee to have a life that is as filled with joy and happiness as the one this company has provided for me.

Thank YOU for helping us realize our dreams for over 65 years now.

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