screen printing

Gain A Skill at our Print School

Join us at our main screen printing production facility on 205 N. Broadway in Coweta, Oklahoma once a week to learn the basics of design and screen printing. You will learn how to use CorelDRAW for vector and simulated process screen printing file preparation. You’ll learn how to output film positives and develop high & low mesh screens after coating them with photo-sensitive emulsion. You’ll also learn how to screen print using plastisol inks. We will print both simple vector based athletic art as well as high end simulated process full color projects. Arguably the most vaulable skill we will teach you and certainly a skill you can’t learn at any other school, is HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS! Our instructors have decades of experience in not just print craft but how to take ideas and conversations and convert them into tangible jobs with real dollars attached to them. When you finish our 8 week class you will have the skill to start your own business if you want to and you will leave Print School with the wisdom to know if the print life is for you.

Enroll in our eight-week print school program. As a student you will learn:

  1. How to communicate with clients to get the design they love.
  2. How to use graphic design software.
  3. How to prepare art for production.
  4. How to make film positives.
  5. How to clean, coat & expose screens.
  6. How to produce multi color simulated process screen prints.
  7. How to manually screen print a one color design.

Every class will conclude it’s eighth week with each student printing 5 high quality, tri-blend tees with the design they made, feel free to bring additional garments from home to put your custom print on. Class sizes are limited to 10 students per class to ensure each student gets plenty of personalized instruction. Class times are from 6-8 pm Thursdays.

The price for 8 weeks of print school is $400 and will include a copy of Corel Draw ($110.00 value), you may also download a free trial version from CoreDRAW HERE. Each student must bring a PC or Mac… tablets and chrome books won’t cut it.