Screen Printing header

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is the most popular method of printing bold designs and logos that pop. It also happens to be Rhodes Printing’s bread and butter. With over 60 years of printing experience, Rhodes Printing has perfected the art of screen printing, and we’ll use our skills to provide you with the best possible product.

Want to know more? We use metal frames with a thin mesh stretched tightly around one side. A negative of your design is printed onto the screen. Once aligned on our printing press, a thick ink is placed on the screen, then a squeegee presses the ink through the screen onto your garment. We then cure the ink and bam! Your garment has a vibrant design! We use state-of-the-art screen printing machines to keep our productivity high, and to provide an unbelievably snappy 7-day turnaround time.

Embroidery header

Ink isn’t the only thing we use to create our products.

We also mastered the art of embroidery! Whether you’re looking for a flat logo embroidered on polos for your company, initials embroidered on a golf towel, or even a three-dimensional design embroidered on a baseball cap, Rhodes Printing has you covered! Cutting-edge embroidery machines are used to make sure your design is perfect, and to make sure your products are ready within 10 days.

Signs & Promo

Rhodes printing also provides printing for almost anything else you can imagine! Business cards, refrigerator magnets, pamphlets, brochures, window decals, and so much more!

We can also provide promotional items for your business. Pens with your logo, mugs to show off your business to other coffee lovers, even huge banners and signs to let every car driving by know you mean business.

Have questions? Email us at We’re ready to answer all of your questions!